Las Vegas Interior Designer


Interior Design is a creative methodology which encompasses the conceptual planning & aesthetic and technical solutions that are applied to achieve the desired result. As your interior decorator, I bring my professionalism combined with creativity, technical knowledge, and business skills to create the perfect space you will take pride in, and admire for an unforeseeable time. My objective is to work with my clients and other industry professionals to develop design solutions that are safe, functional, attractive, and meet the needs of those individuals using the space.

As part of the Decorating Den family with a history that stems back over 47 years, you are guaranteed high end quality services. Our company prides itself on providing complete in-home interior design services by offering custom drapery, furniture, carpet, wall coverings, lighting and accessories. We bring the showcase to your home and work within our clients’ budgets and style preferences.

In combination with my studies at the New York Institute of Art & Design, I have analyzed and observed how residences of all ages and income brackets live on both the West Coast and East Coast allowing me to fabricate a diverse pallet of design ideas for personalities that want to either reinvent their space by thinking outside the box or simply want to stay within the character and comfort of their home.

I have spent over 20 years taking on design projects for many friends and family members as well as designing six (6) of my own personal homes only to sell to those who appreciate an “eye for design,” and to allow me to start a new design project, yet again. Decorating private residences is what I specialize in, and my goal is to design your home based on your own personal needs.  I will work on your project from the initial planning stage or assist with a remodeling design of an existing structure.  In the end, we want to create together a space with the vision you seek and a home you are proud of.